Dead Gino Giugni, "father" of the State Employees

5 10 2009

by 11 hours and 11 minutes 'died today Gino Giugni, politician and former minister considered the "father" of the Workers' Statute, the 1970 law that protects employees of companies. Continue reading this news I said in a statement Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, which Giugni, 82, was the first president. Born in Genoa in 1927, Louis, said Gino Giugni was a lawyer and law professor, first to devote himself to politics. In 1969 he was installed as head of the national commission charged with drafting the statute, passed the following year and protecting "freedom and dignity of workers, freedom of association and trade union dell'attivit in the workplace and standards on the placement ". In 1983, June was wounded in an attack claimed by the Red Brigades and was elected to the Senate in the lists of the Italian Socialist Party. Among the various parliamentary positions, he also serves as chairman of the Committee on Labor and Social Security of the Senate. In the early 90 he was president of Psi, then Minister of Labor in the government led by former president of Bank of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. After he was elected deputy in '94 with the list of Progressives left (until '96), returning to teach at the University, leaving the direct engagement in politics but remains close to the center. Tomorrow the figure of June will be remembered in Rome, during a rally at 12 with the secretaries of the CGIL, CISL and UIL outside the headquarters of the CNEL.


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