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27 03 2010

Yesterday - 11.05 Although in recent days the media coverage of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi seems to want to regional elections on Sunday and Monday most of the way of a referendum on his leadership, the vote of more than 40 million voters called to polls will also cover local challenges and important issues such as the healthcare or agriculture, whose main responsibility lies precisely in the regions. Continue reading this story but also the work, which for the majority of Italians (79%), according to an Ipsos poll, the first concern on the agenda. Of the 13 regions to be renewed, 11 are now governed by the center, two by the center. Then the local landscape rather diversified. Votano northern regions traditionally topped the charts in income per capita for services rendered to citizens and more political history (for the center of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna for the center ) and southern regions of bottom side of the same lists that change more and more often signs (such as the Calabria). Two regions, Lazio and Campania, with the coming election commissioner healthcare from the government. For the first time in two northern regions, Veneto and Piedmont, there are two candidates for president of the League, and here the party of Umberto Bossi could also overcome by consensus of the PDL. In some regions of the UDC Pier Ferdinando Casini ally of the PDL (as in California) or Pd (as in California), but never the Northern League. To unite almost all the candidates, no to nuclear power. Usually I am against the representatives of the center-of-center while in some cases differ, supporting the Government's plan to build new nuclear plants in their region, but state that no ve n 'needs. LOMBARDY After the Tar Lombardy has reinstated the election list of the outgoing governor Roberto Formigoni, nobody seems to doubt the reappointment of the center-right leadership of Pirellone. Could be significant but the result of the Northern League in "heart" of the PDL, but also the UDC, gi ally of Berlusconi. Formigoni's competitors are numerous. The main former president of the province of Milan, Filippo Penati, very close to the leader of the PD Pierluigi Bersani, candidate of the center. For the centrists run instead the former head of the CISL Savino Pezzotta. The Federation of the Left (Rifondazione pi PDCI) nominated former MEP and expert on AIDS Vittorio Agnoletto, while the movement of Beppe Grillo presents Vito Claudio Crimi. There 's also a candidate of the extreme right: Gianmario Invernizzi, Forza Nuova. Who will win the election amminister the region when, in 2015, the World Expo will take place in Milan. To help achieve Ontario has invested 11 billion in works such as highways Brebemi and foothills. PIEDMONT Before you take the 15-day ban on disseminating election polls, Piedmont, ruled by the center over the past five years and before the center - was considered by many pollsters in the balance. The outgoing President Mercedes Bresso - yesterday in the crosshairs of Berlusconi for his presumed lack of physical attractiveness - supported by the center and dall'Udc. You race against the leader of the Northern League in the Chamber, Roberto Cota, candidate of the center-right. The other two candidates are Renzo Rabellino of alternatives for the Piedmont, an independent list, and David Bono, the movement of Beppe Grillo. In the last quarter of 2009, Istat said, Piedmont, traditional "center" of Fiat, was the region with high unemployment pi Northern Italy: 6.8%. The region also to and took the huge protests against the construction of new high-speed rail line. VENETO After the "dismissal" of Giancarlo Galan (PdL), the center-right candidates, the League's Minister of Agriculture Luca Zaia, whose victory would even help the overtaking the League over the party of Berlusconi. His two main challengers are the entrepreneur Giuseppe Bortolussi pr the center, Senator UDC Antonio De Poli. The movement of Beppe Grillo candida David Borrelli, while there are but two candidates "independent": Gianluca Panto, Party Nasional Veneto, and Silvano Polo Venetian Indipendensa. New strength in the running, with Paul Caratossidis. Although the unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2009 in the Veneto region was not among the most high (4.8% versus 5.4% in Lombardy, for example), the crisis seems hitting hard tissue spread of small entrepreneurs, with a series of suicides that have given rise to even a call center to help freelancers and "masters" desperate. EMILIA-ROMAGNA Outgoing President Vasco Errani, the PD is re-nominated to drive a coalition of center-left. Against him are at the center-right candidate of Anna Maria Bernini, a Member of the PDL, Gianluca Galletti, parliamentary UDC, and the "Cricket" Giovanni Favia, the first political experience. On the center could weigh negatively the story of Bologna, whose mayor Flavio Delbono you resigned in January after being investigated as part of an investigation into the misuse of public funds to travel abroad with his former partner. The city now ruled by a commissioner of the prefect. According to the polls earlier this month for the coalition that is headed by the smooth Pd conquer the competition. LIGURIA Administered by the center since 2005 after the defeat of the center, Liguria (who still has a history of the region "red") Today sees two players clashed again in recent years: the outgoing president Claudio Burlando (PD) and its precedecessore of the PDL, Sandro Biasotti. The novelty in this case, the passage of the UDC by the center to center. The third candidate Silvio Viale, a doctor committed to the use of the pill RU486, which runs for the radicals. TUSCANY Ruled for decades by the center, Tuscany seems to start to vote with no surprises. The center-white Enrico Rossi, the outgoing Regional Minister for Health. The center represented by MEP Monica Pdl Faenza, the UDC by Representative Francesco Bosi. After the withdrawal of the photographer Oliviero Toscani and advertising, the list shows Pannella-Bonino Alfonso De Virgiliis, President of the Interregional Bank (whose candidacy was not accepted in all provinces, and on this are pending appeal to the Council of State) . E 'in the competition this new strength, with Hilary Palmisani, a local politician. MARCHE The region administered by the center, which riaffida to outgoing president, Gian Mario Spacca, supported in part dall'Udc. The center-right candidates with a local politician, Erminio Marinelli, a former mayor of Civitanova. Massimo Rossi meanwhile the candidate of a coalition between the Federation of the Left, and Left and Freedom. Traditionally, the government of the Umbria region, the center has experienced in recent months as a "psychodrama" internal to the choice of candidate, after a halt to the outgoing president Mary Rita Lorenzetti over-mandates and the withdrawal of Senator Pd Mauro Agostini. Primaries from the polls released on behalf of another woman, Catiuscia Marini, gi Mayor of Todi and MEP. And challenges are two other women: former parliamentary Pd "Theo-Dems "(Now UDC) Paola Binetti, a candidate of the centrist, and the lawyer Fiammetta Modena for Pdl and Lega Nord. LAZIO those in the region's" capital "one of the votes followed with more attention. We arrive at the polls after scandal investing the outgoing president Piero Marrazzo - who five years ago he won against the center of Francesco Storace - was involved in a round of trans victim of an alleged blackmail for his frequent. The constituency of Rome there will be a list Pdl , except on two occasions by the State Council to delay the submission of documentation and defect in spite of an ad hoc decree passed by the Council of Ministers of opposition protests. The challenge entirely female, as in Umbria. Renata Polverini, Head UGL union, considered close to Gianfranco Fini, a candidate for the center (with the UDC.) polls initially gave in net benefit, but over the weeks have lost ground against the radical Emma Bonino, Minister and Commissioner Gee European and now vice president of the Senate, supported by the center. The third competing Marzia Marzoli, Citizens' Network, an organization calling itself "not left, not right, not center." Bonino not well seen by the Catholic hierarchy for his positions on abortion and the recognition of homosexual couples, and two days ago the head of the Italian bishops, Angelo Bagnasco, without mentioning its name, invited to vote for parties and candidates who advocate the "right to life" and the family traditional. Lazio in late 2009 had an unemployment rate of 8, 5%. sanit under Regional Commissioners by the government, even though according to research published on 21 March from "La Stampa" the region would have in the past years improved its performances, after the hole in the budget allocated to the previous center-right administration. CAMPANIA polls indicated at the beginning of March, the Ontario balanced between center-right and center, while others seemed to lean more strongly to win the PDL and its allies. After the departure of Antonio Bassolino, mayor of Naples and first president of the region then, the center is entrusted to his old adversary procedure, the mayor of Salerno, Vincenzo De Luca. The center has instead chosen the "new socialism" Stefano Caldoro. The Federation of the Left sees competing Paolo Ferrero, a former minister and secretary of the Communist Refoundation, while the fourth candidate, Robert Fico, the movement of Beppe Grillo. The center is divided internally on the choice of some candidates and the role of Nicola Cosentino, Economy Undersecretary also regional coordinator of the PDL, investigated for open competition with the Mafia. The region reduce waste-emergence in recent years which has caused popular riots and even the arrival of the army in overseen the landfill, after the intervention plan maintained by the Head of Civil Protection Guido Bertolaso. sanit The Commissioner by the government. The unemployment rate was at the end of 2009 of 12.9%. Basilicata regional elections in Basilicata have to date news at the national level especially likely for the candidacy for the UDC-I love the Lucania, Magdi Cristiano Allam, a journalist and now an MEP, of Egyptian origin and converted to Christianity from Islam. The center-left candidate again instead Outgoing President Vito De Filippo, while the center relies on Nicola Pagliuca, outgoing leader of Forza Italy. The other candidates are Mark Toscano list Sui-generis and Florenzo Doino Communist Party of the work. Basilicata, Molise after the pi Although small region of the South can count on vast oil reserves, the new local wealth, and on a major food industry, in late 2009, the unemployment rate was 11 2%. PUGLIA Puglia was to be a "political laboratory" for testing alliance between Pd and UDC, but the brave resistance of the outgoing president Nichi Vendola - who won the primaries and even local leaders of the newly formed Left Red-green and Freedom - and internal strife within the Democrats have blasted the agreements. Despite this, Vendola could then win the election thanks to the position outside contractor UDC, which presidential candidate to former minister and former mayor of Lecce, Adriana Poli Bortone. The PDL represented by the leader Rocco Palese. Michele Rizzi instead the party's candidate for alternatives. In Puglia at the end of 2009 the unemployment rate was 12.6%, Istat said. In research published by the "Print" on the performance of the various regions of Puglia at the bottom for the improvements of recent years. In terms of investment, the next administration should be asked to deal with the construction of the new State Jonica, for which the CIPE has allocated over € 1 billion. CALABRIA Agazio Loiero, the outgoing president, won the primaries and will be again the candidate of the center, although according to many polls Calabria andr probably the center-of Giuseppe Scopelliti, Mayor of Reggio Calabria . An unprecedented coalition of radical and Italy of Values white instead the entrepreneur Philip Callipo. Loiero First Presidency, the region was administered by the center. Calabria has an unemployment rate of 11, 3%. In the national rankings on the operation of the health system often at the bottom, and in recent years witnessed several cases of "malasanit" reached the national chronicles, and on which also investigated a parliamentary committee. In Calabria this what now considered Investigators from the most powerful gangs, the 'Ndrangheta, which is involved in the recent attack on the court of Reggio, and also in the investigation of international telephone fraud that have touched Fastweb and Telecom Italy Sparkle. Sel future of the region seems to weigh the expected construction of the bridge over the Strait, with 1.3 billion already allocated by the government. Loiero contrary, Scopelliti favorable. WHEN AND HOW TO VOTE tomorrow from 8 to 22 and Monday from 7 to 15 will vote not only for the 13 regions for four provinces (including the Eagle, hit almost a year ago by earthquake) and in 453 municipalities, most important of which Venice, where the mayoral candidate of the center-minister of Public Renato Brunetta. For the regional vote in round one, with no runoff (as in the case of provincial and municipal). The procedure of voting for change from region to region, as required by their laws. In most regions (except Tuscany, Marche, Campania, Puglia and Calabria) you can vote for one of the provincial lists, or to the list Regional College (the list), or you can also separate the vote, by voting for two different alignments. You can express a preference for a single candidate for the office of the Regional Council, by typing the name in the line near the provincial flag of the list. To vote serves, along with a valid ID, the voter's card. Who had lost can contact your common until 29 March. - On site www.reuters.it other news Reuters in Italian. The top news also on www.twitter.com / reuters_italia


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